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'''Robert Bruce''' "'''Rob'''" '''Ford''' (May 28, 1969 – March 22, 2016) was a Canadians|Canadian politician and businessman who served as the 64th List of mayors of Toronto|mayor of Toronto from 2010 to 2014. Prior to and after his term as mayor, Ford was a city councillor representing Ward 2 of Etobicoke North. He was first elected to Toronto City Council in the Toronto municipal election, 2000|2000 Toronto municipal election, and was re-elected to his council seat twice. His political career, particularly his mayoralty, saw a number of personal and work-related controversies and legal proceedings. In 2013, he became embroiled in a Timeline of Rob Ford video scandal|substance abuse scandal, which was widely reported in the national and international media. Following his admission, Ford refused to resign, but City Council...
Office64th List of mayors of Toronto|Mayor of Toronto
Term endNovember 30, 2014
DeputyDoug Holyday (2010–2013)
Norm Kelly (2013–2014)
Birth date{{Birth date|1969|5|28}}
Death date{{nowrap|{{death date and age|2016|3|22|1969|5|28}} }}
Death placeToronto, Ontario, Canada
Birth placeEtobicoke, Ontario, Canada
Resting placePark Lawn Cemetery|Riverside Cemetery
Residence| party = Independent (politician)|Independent (2000–2016) ''Note: municipal politicians in Ontario, including Toronto, run on a nonpartisan basis''
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